Freshie Burst: How to Create Great Graphics in Canva

Have you been wanting to create an e-book to send to your list but have no idea how to design it?

Do you want to know how all those other small businesses are creating great social media graphics?

In this Freshie Burst workshop you're going to learn the in's and out' of using This is a great free tool that you can use for a wide range of business projects. 

Course Curriculum

How to Create Great Graphics in Canva

What's included?

1 Video
1 Text
Ilissa Goman
Ilissa Goman
Goal Coach + Branding Guru

About the instructor

Ilissa is a bad-ass, business building extraordinaire. For years she's been building businesses of her own and helping friends and clients build their businesses, too. She has found the key to biz success is setting goals for yourself and then drowning out the outside noise to give yourself laser focus on the important parts of your business (and your personal life).

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